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For more than three decades, Baxter Productivity Systems has been pioneering automated drug dispensing and management systems. 

Our patient-specific, automated medication dispensing systems are developed to enable hospitals to improve patient therapy compliance, create more efficient processes, and achieve new heights of patient safety. Through best-in-class automated pharmacy dispensing systems, spanning from unit dose systems to multi-dose medication systems, we strive to empower hospital pharmacists to take a leading role in driving the clinical dialogue and claiming more control over hospital-wide drug flow and logistics. 

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Today’s challenges call for automated medication dispensing systems

A growing body of megatrends and administrative tasks put immense pressure on our current healthcare systems. All too often, this can result in hospital-wide inefficiencies and medication errors, such as wrong dosages and infusion rates.1 To improve therapy compliance, we need innovative solutions that target our industry’s most pressing challenges. 

How may automated drug dispensing systems help you get ready for the future?

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Achieve new levels of patient safety

•    Enhance therapy compliance                                            

•    Improve quality of oral drug treatment 

•    Reduce medication errors2

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Optimize processes & costs

•    Create efficient drug flow and logistics

•    Alleviate staff workload 

•    Reduce the burden of medication errors3

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Rely on customized service & consultancy

•    Seamless implementation processes

•    Round-the-clock support

•    In-depth understanding of client operations

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Utilize innovation & technology

•    Stay on top of the innovation curve

•    Dive into customer-driven, tailored solutions 

•    Top-of-the-line technological advancements

Take the full journey: From prescription to bedside

Closed loop medication management from start to finish 

Pillars of closed loop medication management

The 4 pillars of closed loop medication management

1.    Integration of efficient systems through Baxter’s interface suite

2.    Highly efficient design of dispensing processes

3.    Downstream interfacing with inspection and distribution systems

4.    Fast and easy bedside verification and administration in real-time

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Integration of CPOE/EPR Systems through Baxter's interface suite

Pillar 1: Integration of CPOE/EPR systems through Baxter’s interface suite

In the fast-paced environment of hospitals, a multitude of computerized systems serves as crucial infrastructure for efficient and reliable patient management. Managing patient prescriptions in one or several CPOEs enables the digital transfer of prescriptions and data within hospitals and across external institutions. At Baxter, we aim to simplify this complexity.   And we do so by making sure our automated dispensing systems can be easily integrated with any CPOE/ EPR system, no matter the site or country. Through our in-depth understanding of hardware and software, we build customized interfaces around your individual system requirements to ensure perfect integration.

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Highly efficient design of dispensing processes

Pillar 2: Highly efficient design of dispensing processes

In an environment, where multi-tasking is a standard principle of work, reliable and frictionless drug dispensing processes are fundamental. 

The workflows for deblistering, the filling of cassettes and trays, the exchange of disposables and the actual processing of orders are designed to enable optimal usage of the packaging speed of our dispensing machines. All workflow steps are logged to ensure transparency and traceability.

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Downstream interfacing with inspection and distribution systems

Pillar 3: Downstream interfacing with inspection and distribution systems

Inspection and validation by a pharmacist before medication is released for administration is a regulatory requirement. Automated inspection systems can support pharmacists in fulfilling this task.

Our interfaces are designed to perfectly integrate with most available inspection systems on the market.   That way, a digital image of each pouch is archived, expected pouch content can be compared with the actual content and potential deviations are highligthed for further visual inspection and eventual repair if required.  

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Fast and easy bedside verification and administration in real-time

Pillar 4: Fast and easy bedside verification and administration in real-time

Ensuring that a patient’s details match with the medication dispensed takes time. 

Through integrated barcodes on the pouches, HCPs can confirm, crosscheck and feed information back into the patient’s electronic record in real-time via a simple scan. That way, the full medication loop is closed and documented.

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“Our tracking shows the error rate has decreased three-fold with the PROUD System. And the work atmosphere is also more serene, which really means a lot in a potentially stressful environment.”

Patricia Demoly, Head Pharmacist at the Bavilliers healthcare cooperative, France

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Your partner throughout the entire journey

No matter which automated medication dispensing system you select, our experienced consultants and technical support teams are dedicated to ensuring seamless implementation and operations. 

We partner with multiple stakeholders to create a seamless closed loop medication management and provide training that’s tailored to your unique operational environment. 

For the safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.