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Advancing automated, patient-specific drug dispensing and management in hospitals and pharmacies of all sizes.

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Baxter's PROUD system

Build closed medication loops and improve hospital-wide workflows

Securing transparent and reliable medication dispensing and management processes take center stage throughout the entire development of our systems – from innovative product features and software to dedicated training and support services. 

With the PROUD System, we designed an all-in-one solution, aimed at bringing patient-specific drug dispensing technology to hospitals and pharmacies of any size. By combining top-of-the-line equipment, handling high volumes of medication orders every day, with customized software and services, the PROUD System enables you to build fully transparent, traceable, and reliable work and drug flows.

PROUD System in facts & figures

Illustration of PROUD System

200+ systems

More than 200 PROUD Systems installed across Europe

Illustration of a cassette in a circle

Unlimited cassette capacity

with either 260 or 336 cassette positions per machine

Illustration of three pouches with barcode on in a circle

Optimal fit & size

through configurable pouch sizes

Uncover the possibilities of PROUD System

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PROUD features

Discover our range of supporting add-ons

At Baxter, we cover the entire drug dispensing journey by making sure our PROUD systems can be supplemented with a variety of additional features tailored to your needs. 

Explore our add-ons and advance every step of the medication loop.   

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Intelligent Deblistering Software

Our DebPro software is designed to build secure deblistering processes to meet high requirements for documentation. By making use of intelligent software, pharmacists can trace back all activities and monitor every step of the deblistering process, providing full transparency from start to finish.

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Illustration of Baxter's Central Tray Manager and a check mark

Secure Tray Filling

Our Central Tray Manager (CTM) enables hospital staff to dynamically choose between filling one or several trays for multiple drug dispensing systems or one large batch. Innovative tray-filling add-ons can further help hospitals ensure seamless tray-filling processes and raise overall security levels. 

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Illustration of an inspection of two pouches with barcodes on

Reliable Pouch Inspection

To enable reliable digital inspection and documentation of the medication pouches, we ensure our drug dispensing systems can be interfaced with the major inspection systems on the market. Additional software solutions facilitate the distribution process, allowing pharmacists to keep track of dispensed pouches and ensure their safe transfer to the wards.

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Customized service & guidance for seamless implementation

Advancing drug dispensing and management takes more than installing high-quality equipment. Achieving true operational efficiencies requires seamless implementation and operations.

That’s why we go through extensive assessments of our client’s unique operational environment. Our in-depth understanding enables our team of experienced consultants and technical support to provide high-quality, customized guidance and 24/7 support. 

For the safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.