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Seamless integrations of medication dispensing systems and practices require an in-depth understanding of your unique operational environment. That’s why we focus on close collaborations throughout the entire implementation journey – before, during, and after installation of our systems. 

Through dedicated trainings, tailored configurations, and round-the-clock support, we provide customized, on-demand advice aimed at helping you utilize our high-quality dispensing systems while achieving smooth operations and maximized equipment uptime. 

How we ensure perfect integration of our dispensing systems

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In-depth understanding and in-house expertise

•    Start-up meetings 

•    Installation Site Inspection 

•    A local software development and interface integration team

•    In-house cassette calibration department and technology 

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Dedicated training and tailored configuration

•    Dedicated in-house system trainers

•    System usage and implementation training sessions

•    Post-installation-configuration   

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Round-the-clock support and quality assurance

•    24/7 customer support 

•    Data-based support and reporting for system optimization

•    Country-based local technical service   

Ensure optimal medication dispensing systems from day one


In-depth analysis and tailored solutions pre-implementation

In-depth analysis and tailored solutions pre-implementation

Finding an automated medication management system that fits both your hospital’s technical setup and daily work routines can be a real challenge. That’s why, at Baxter Productivity Systems, we focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific environment prior to system setup. 

By conducting start-up meetings and installation site inspections, we ensure our solutions can be perfectly integrated with your individual specifications and interfaces. A dedicated team of consultants and technical support offers on-site expert advice and ensures optimal system utilization.

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Diligent training and post-installation-configuration

We know that transitioning to centralized, automated medication dispensing systems implies rethinking today’s routines and procedures. That’s why we dedicate a major share of our work to creating an efficient and seamless installation process, so you get maximum value from your transition to Baxter Productivity Systems from day one.

During our training sessions, we walk you through the configuration, operation and optimal cleaning routines. By educating you on various tools and configuration options, you’ll get the chance to become an expert on operating our hardware, software and interfaces – all customized to your individual pharmacy system setup. 

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Round-the-clock support and quality assurance post implementation

In a hospital setting, there are no days off. With more than 30 years as a trusted partner and pharmacy system supplier, you should be able to expect the same from us.

Our robust, high-performing equipment and 24/7 support hotline ensure efficient and reliable operations of critical infrastructure. A dedicated Baxter Productivity Systems support team provides immediate troubleshooting in case of unforeseen technical issues and optimizes uptime through data-driven, on-demand technical service.

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Our in-house expertise is our core competence

Our highly functional pharmacy systems rest on a strong foundation of in-house capabilities. 

Through our in-house software development, we can create tailored solutions and seamless interface integrations in close collaboration with your hospitals’ IT management. Additionally, our in-house cassette calibration center, allows us to customize your cassettes to each drug-specific properties and to the dispensing needs at your hospital. That’s how we can ensure a reliable and effective dispensing of medication and immediately respond to changing medication needs at your hospital.

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